Deine Fahrschule in Horgen ZH


Die n&d Fahrschule aus Horgen ist dein Partner zum Autofahren lernen! Junge, flexible und zeitgemässe Fahrschule in der Regio Horgen Zürichsee und umliegende Gemeinden sowie natürlich die Stadt Zürich.

Melde Dich heut noch an und Deinem Erfolg auf der Strasse steht nichts mehr im Wege.

Dein n&d Fahrschul-Team aus Horgen


n&d fahrschule


This course is compulsary in Switzerland, it involves 8 lessons/hours. However please note although this course is in German (some places do offer the course in English however this is rare) there is no exam. This course teaches you about safety, Swiss road rules, basic mechanics and the dangers relating to drugs and alcohol whilst driving a vehicle.

Please contact us to make a booking.

Theory lessons

Theory lessons are not compulsary but if you would like additional support we can arrange classes. If you are applying for your full license (not just converting your license) you'll need to take a theory test. This test can be completed in English, French, Italian or German.
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